{} Pragma IT Consulting

We are computer experts.

{} Pragma provides complete technology solutions to your growing business. Let us combine our outstanding personal service, innovative thinking, and the best available technology to complete your IT projects.

Our services have evolved in response to our clients' needs. So has our approach to consulting. Our clients want one firm to handle all of their technology needs. We are that firm. Our clients want to tell us their vision. We translate that vision into a technology plan. We provide many options, and can tailor our clients needs and resources to fit seamlessly within a given budget. We decided on this model because we felt we should allow our clients the maximum flexibility for future expansion and minimum amount of maintenance. Our customers should expect nothing less. In line with this business model, we can build entire network infrastructures from scratch. We can also integrate and improve on existing systems, guaranteeing both the lowest cost and maximum efficiency.

Please use the left hand column to browse all of our offerings. We want to be your complete technology resource.

We understand our clients business, and the way technology affects their market. We make sure that, every step of the way, we educate our clients on technological solutions. As a company, we feel that the more the customer knows, the more satisfied they will be with the product. We believe an educated client is prepared to face the tasks of the modern world and to make the right strategic decisions. 

We believe in solving a problem once. We believe that an educated and empowered client can focus on their business, and bring us more business as they expand. Not by fixing the same problem again and again.