Computer Hardware Solutions

We build our own hardware in response to our client's needs. We construct computers according to an open architecture model. This model enables one to add components (disk, memory, etc.) from any manufacturer at a later time, at low cost. This strategy compromises nothing and gives one complete control of hardware upgrades. It provides the maximum amount of flexibility and a minimum total cost of ownership.

All mass hardware producers have some sort of proprietary components built into their systems. This allows them to produce at a lower cost in the short term. They bury cheaper parts inside the components. These proprietary components ultimately sacrifice quality, which drive up the maintenance costs over the long term. When one needs to perform repairs or upgrades on this type of hardware, one is beholden to the manufacturer and their exorbitant prices. One may also have to go through them to perform any maintenance or warranty work. Most of our clients have found it difficult to deal with the big hardware manufacturers, and get hardware repaired immediately and at a reasonable cost. We solve this problem by offering our own hardware solutions.

We use the best available brand name components when building our hardware. Please see the list below for examples. This enables us to offer longer warranties, and a lower total cost to our clients. We end up with much better hardware solutions this way. Our solutions are more scalable and flexible, and more reliable than we can purchase from any major manufacturer. This capability has evolved from the constant maintenance required of computer hardware, and the desire of our clients to rely on someone who really knows the hardware.

Our non-proprietary model also allows you to have anyone work on your hardware in the future, not only us. We do this because we are confident in our product, and that you will be also. By having us build your hardware, you not only get a superior product, you save money. We also take care of the installation and integration into your new or existing system. That leaves you time to concentrate on your business. Our customers demand custom configured hardware that is available now and installed at their site immediately.

We deliver hardware in partnership with: